Here's our shiny new home on the worldwide interweb

From Moose,
Well lookie here! A brand new website for JACK-fm. Only 3 years after they promised us. Well, it looks pretty good. I'm told there's all kinds of new stuff on the new site including easier "functionality" (did I spell that right?), more videos, and constantly updated "JACKed Up News".

Can you guess who got stuck looking for news stories to post all day? Uh, huh! Go to the main page of the website to check out some of the JACKed up news that I found for you today. Again, "you-know-who" will be updating it all day long. Think of it as a way to find all of those stupid stories, photos and videos on the internet, without having to search for it (because SOMEONE on the staff will be doing it all day, every day).

Check back for another blog tomorrow! please.