Holy Heatwaves, Batman

For some reason, after talking with Craig Edwards of Fox 17 on Wednesday (droppin’ names!), I think he lied to me when he assured me that the temperature wouldn’t reach above 85 degrees.  I’ll have to check the tape, but I swear he’s a dirty liar. :P

Anyways, the bands have already started playing underneath “That Tent” and “This Tent,” but I’m looking forward to seeing Karen Elson later underneath “The Other Tent.”  Name sound familiar?  She’s a Nashvillian who actually owned a boutique here for a while.  You also might have heard of her husband, Jack White.  You know, that dude from the White Stripes.  Maybe he’ll make a surprise appearance.  No one knows what’s up Bonnaroo’s tanktop for the 10th anniversary.

There is soo much going on tonight that it will take me another blog to cover some of it.  Not only that, I think the burgers are done...

Peace Out