How to Make a Custom Tombstone

How to Make a Custom Tombstone

Here’s something to waste time on this Halloween.  Make yourself your our own customized tombstone.  You know, those things you can buy in the store for 10 or so bucks that usually get a boot kicked through it by the end of the hallowed season.  Here’s a way to make a customized one that should last a little longer, and you can write anything on it!  Most of the items you’ll need to pull this off are probably lying around the house, or just do what I did and charge it on JACK-fm’s credit card. 

Step One
With an X-Acto knife, cut out your desired tombstone shape out of ½ inch thick riged foam insulation

Step Two
Print out whatever name or saying you want on plain white paper, then pin it where you want it on your tombstone.  With your X-Acto knife, cut out the printed letters.  HINT:  Start on the inside of the letters first, and don’t go all the way through the foam, halfway is cool. 

Step Three
With a flat black paint, color the inside of the letters.  If you get a little paint on the front of the tombstone it's no biggie. 

Step Three (& a 1/2)
When you are finished, glue another piece of ½ inch thick rigid foam insulation on the back of your tombstone (liquid nails works pretty well) and cut to match the desired shape. 

Step Four
Cut a 1”x 4” piece of wood to the width of the bottom of the tombstone, and screw it on with 2 ½ in wood screws. 

Step Five
With separate cans of black & white paint, mix them together in your pan until they are nearly blended.  (If it’s a little streaky that’s cool too)  Then paint the tombstone.

That’s it! You’re done!  Now, how do you feel that you wasted 4 or so hours making a silly tombstone?  And now, what do you do with one of these?  I don’t know, put it in your yard, on your desk, on your crazy neighbor’s front porch, it doesn’t matter (But I’d rather have enjoyed a Freddy Krueger movie marathon).

OK, back to work…