I am on vacation

I am on vacation

Yep, I am off to Tunica for Thanksgiving. Why Tunica??? Well, I love to play penny slots, that's why. I also love Beanie Babies and they have a great Beanie Baby store near Tunica. I have nothing else to say, but the "big guy" said I have to write a blog thingy before I leave, so there you go.

The big guy also told me that my blog's must be at least 2 paragraphs from now on, so please consider this to be paragraph 2. I'll talk to you on Monday.

Moose, out!

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Boy, Moose, the things I learn about you.... Gambling, Beanie Baby fetish...You are truly a renaissance man. I mean that - as a compliment.

Enjoy the holidays. Big bucks, no whammies. Tip your waitresses (wait-persons?) Word to your mother.