I Want My MTV

Unbelievable!  31 years ago today MTV turned on their broadcast signal with a rocket launch and The Buggles, “Video Killed the Radio Star.”  Unfortunately for me, my parents didn’t get cable TV at the time of the launch (We actually never got cable during my entire childhood, Bummer huh?).  The first time I witnessed MTV was at my Aunt’s house.  The first video i saw was Pat Benatar’s “You Better Run”, I was in Love!  Anyway, it was followed up by Michael Jackson’s, “Thiller.”  This video was awesome!  After watching it, I would find every excuse to go to my aunts house to watch MTV. 

I always wondered what I missed on MTV in the first year they were on the air.  So, I wasted a little time at work on YouTube to see if I could dig anything up.  Check it out.

Here's the Original MTV Launch

See what I mean about Pat Benatar!  You Better Run was actually the 2nd video ever played on MTV

Urgent – Foreigner (This was like a lot of videos back in the day...cheesy video of the band lip-syncing)

Rapture – Blondie (She might have been the Original Madanna, Yikes!)

Gloria – U2 (Check out that hair!)

Queen of Hearts - Juice Newton (I think this was the first MTV video to have some kinda story to it)

After watching these, guess I wasn’t missing much after all.  O’well.  What do you remember about MTV?

OK, I guess I better go work on something…