If you're not first you're last

If you're not first you're last

This whole silly game is nothing but...AWESOME!  Yep, I'm back on top.  (Yes, I know its DWTS but I don't win at much)  Kids if you are paying attention...that was called, horrible trash talking 101.  Nobody ever talks crap about a ball room dancing show, except Assistant Manager's like me.  Anyhow, congrats to Toya who finally got some points.  And thanks to my DWTS consultant for helping out. 

Next week correct prediction on who gets kicked off the show receives 5 points. 

Here’s a look at the leaderboard

  • Moose:    6 points
  • Christine:    3 points
  • Mandy:    3 points
  • Toya:        4 points
  • Joe:        3 points

Here’s DWTS cast off Jake Pavelka & his "very attractive" partner Chelsie Hightower on Jimmy Kimmel for the burning of the Capezio’s.  Oh, and is it me or is this Bachelor Dude kind of a dork?