JACK-fm listeners are pretty cool!

John, Alicia, and Mikaela donating blood this morning at Bloodstock

Yo, this morning at Bloodstock 09 with some of the coolest listeners, and they can even stand the sight of their own blood. (They must have super human strength) Still they're here to help the American Red Cross here in Nashville. Blood is needed all the time!so if you can help us out today we'll try to make it worth your while. Free T-shirts to the 1st 100 donations. Oh, and if you ask nicely Ill give you passes to see Saw 6. Ok, I gotta run!

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Bloodstock '09

Jack thanks for the opportunity to get a cool t-shirt...and the photo op with Moose! Since I couldn't have a request, can I have a copy of the pic of Moose and me?