JACK Rewind: We miss Opryland

JACK Rewind: We miss Opryland

Opryland USA opened its doors in 41 years ago this week.  In 1972 apparently this place was the coolest.  It had it all; roller coasters, live entertainment and Yee-Hawing all over the park.  This will take you back.  As a kid, I remember waiting outside the Wabash Cannonball for my cousins becasue I wasn't tall enough to ride.  Unfortunately in 1997 the park closed its doors.  Still to this day, this is the thing I hear people talk about the most.  Seems like everyone has an Opryland memory, what is yours? 

There have been rumors of new parks coming to Nashville, but nothing has got past the talking about it stage.  Until then, the closest parks to visit are Dollywood, Holiday World, and of course Nashville Shores.  

Here are some commercials you would have heard on the radio about Opryland.