Killer Shoes Dude

Don't forget to accessorize with some sweet sweet Halloween socks.

There’s a saying that says, it’s the shoes that make the man.  Well since I have a pretty great sense of style and we are coming into the Halloween fashion season, I thought I’d drop some shoe knowledge.  Your friends are going to be so jealous when you step out at a Halloween Party or to be politically correct, an Autumn Festival in a pair of these spooky kickers.

Pumpkin Shoes

Freddy Krueger Nikes

More Freddy Kruger Low-Tops

Barefoot Kickers

Chucky Reeboks

Jigsaw Jordon's

King Kong Shoes

Jason Voorhees High-Tops

Leatherface Airs

Is this a little much, or do you think these are crazy cool?  Lemme know and comment below. (I totally didn’t intend that to rhyme)

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Amazing Shoes

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