Lazy Halloween Costumes

OMG!  It's the Black-Eyed Peas!

Look, Halloween is a little over a week a way and not everyone can be all prepared and stuff for JACK’s Halloween Parties.   So, if you’re lazy like I am, or if you are a major procrastinator (Me too!), here are a few costume ideas you can do at the last minute and still impress your friends.  Well, maybe?  

A Highway - Wear a black shirt with yellow double lines painted down the middle and glue or pin toy cars to the shirt.

A Shadow - Dress all in black and paint your face black, and then follow your friend, date or spouse around the Halloween party.

Babysitter - Strap a doll to your rear-end and sit on it.

Black-Eyed Pea - Paint a black circle around your eye and wear a white T-shirt with a large letter "P" on it.

Blessing in Disguise - Put on a pair of dark sunglasses and a dark hat and wear a sash that says, "Bless You."

Buccaneer - Hang a dollar from each ear.

CD Burner - Wear a blank CD around your neck and carry a pack of matches or a lighter.

Cereal Killer - Dress in black and glue mini cereal boxes to your shirt. Stick plastic knives into the boxes and add some ketchup for "blood."

Devil's Advocate - Carry a sign that says, "Vote for the Devil."

Dr. Pepper - Wear medical scrubs and attach peppers to your shirt.

Freudian Slip - Wear a slip with a sign on it that says "Freud."

God's Gift to Women - Gift-wrap a large box and cut holes in the top and sides for your head and arms. Add a gift tag that says "To: Women" and "From: God."

Gum on the Bottom of a Shoe - Dress all in pink, tie a shoe on your head, and chew bubble gum.

Identity Crisis - Wear any color shirt and stick name tags, each with a different name, on the shirt.

Mailman - Dress in a light blue shirt and dark blue pants and sew a stuffed dog's mouth to your pant leg or bottom.

Paper Shredder - Get some sheets of paper or old bills and envelopes and punch a hole in them. Then put a ribbon or rope through the hole and tie it around your neck. When someone asks what you are, shred some paper!

Peter Pan - Put a pan on your head with a name tag on it that says, "Hello, I'm Peter."

Quarter Pounder - Carry around some quarters and a hammer. When someone asks you what you are, pound a quarter.

Quarterback - Wear a black shirt and tape a quarter to your back.

Tic Tac Toe - Glue a container of Tic Tacs to the toe of your shoe.

Zebra - Wear a bra on the outside of your shirt and paint the letter "Z" on it.

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