Less Sucky Halloween Costumes

I don't remember Wonder Woman having the red purse of justice.

Last Friday we announced JACK-fm’s Halloween plans that will take place the last week of the month.  Within all that JACK-fm Halloween goodness, I'm told there'll be a costume contest or two.  So to help out, and because Rod Blagojevich, Kim Johng Il, and Octomom costumes are soo 2009, I've put together a list of people you can dress up as for Halloween this year.

Lady Gaga
Holy Crap, just throw a bunch of clothes together, and trick out your hair so you get that “Oh, God” reaction.  That’s pretty much the reaction most people have when the see her.  Most recently, she got that reaction with her awesome meat dress  If you don’t like to be near people at the Halloween party and you’re up to date on all your shots – do that one.

Old Spice Guy
OK dudes with washboard abs,  this one is easy.  Just wrap a towel around yourself and say things like, “Silverfish-Hand-Catch” & “I’m the President of Female noses & Prime Minister of their Hearts” with that “Is your man better than me? No” attitude and you got it!  The horse is considered a bonus, but you must clean up after it.

Antoine Dodson
This costume is simple, so you can run and tell that, homeboy!  Bring some attitude with a black tank top, red bandana, and bonus points for bringing your sister wearing jeans and a pink t-shirt griping about some “idiot in the projects.”   And remember, its hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husbands…

Steven Slater
To be like this Over-the-Top quitter, just get a black shirt, bright blue tie, and black apron with a "Steven Slater" or "Jet Blue” namehingy and you are all set.  Make sure to have a couple beers(and repeat) and always ask for the nearest exit.

Trololo Guy
Have you seen this creepy dude?  Have you seen Christoph Waltz impersonate him on Jimmy Kimmel? Either way, just grab a skeezy polyester double-breasted suit, maybe a hairpiece that you found in grandpa's attic and your good-to-go.  

Patrick Tribett
Yep, our favorite huffer.  Another easy one.  Supplies include a can of gold spray paint.  Bonus points if you wear the Golden State Warriors T-shirt. 

Tiger Woods OK, to be this alleged 2 timer (More like 17 timer), just find a red collared golf shirt, tuck it in a pair of black paints.  Cap it off with a black Nike hat…oh, yeah don’t forget to glue a dozen or so barbie dolls to your outfit and tah dah!  And act like you are texting a lot and you’re set. Hope this helps you win the prize at this year's Halloween costume contests.  If you have any more ideas, coment them below. L8R Oh, if you're thirsty for more Halloweenie type things to do this month, check out the Nashville Halloween Guide.