Little League World Series Fever

OK, I’ve officially jumped on the Goodlettsville All-Stars bandwagon as they’re hopefully headed to victory this weekend in the Little League World Series.  These kids are killing it on the ball field.  Just to catch you up to speed, Goodlettsville is only two wins from the World Series Title.  They are only one win from the U.S. Championship Title.  Pretty Awesome kids! Their next game is Saturday, August 25th at 2:30pm.  You’ll be able to watch it on WKRN.  

Since I’m not Mr. Baseball, I thought before Saturday’s game I’d find out some sweet baseball slanguage.

ACE - A team's best starting pitcher.

ALLEY - The section of the outfield between the outfielders. Also "gap."

BACKDOOR SLIDER - A pitch that appears to be out of the strike zone, but then breaks back over the plate.

BAG - A base.

BANDBOX - A small ballpark that favors hitters.

BANG-BANG PLAY - A play in which the baserunner hits the bag a split-second before the ball arrives or vice versa.

BASKET CATCH - When a fielder catches a ball with his glove near belt level.

BRONX CHEER - When the crowd boos.

BRUSHBACK - A pitch that nearly hits a batter.

BUSH - Also "bush league." An amateur play or behavior.

CAN OF CORN - An easy catch by a fielder.

CAUGHT LOOKING - When a batter is called out on strikes.

CHEESE - Also "good cheese." Refers to a good fastball.

CHIN MUSIC - A pitch that is high and inside.

CUTTER - A cut fastball (one with a late break to it).

DINGER - A home run.

DISH - Home plate.

FIREMAN - A team's closer or late-inning relief pitcher.

FUNGO - A ball hit to a fielder during practice. It's usually hit by a coach using a "fungo bat," which is longer and thinner than a normal bat.

GOPHER BALL - A pitch hit for a home run, as in "go for."

HILL - Pitcher's mound.

HOT CORNER - Third base.

IN THE HOLE - The batter after the on-deck hitter.

JAM - When a hitter gets a pitch near his hands, he is "jammed." Also when a pitcher gets himself in trouble, he is in a "jam."

MEATBALL - An easy pitch to hit, usually right down the middle of the plate.

MOON SHOT - A very long, high home run.

NAIL DOWN - As in "nail down a victory." Refers to a relief pitcher finishing off the game.

ON THE SCREWS - When a batter hits the ball hard. Also "on the button."

PAINTING THE BLACK - When a pitcher throws the ball over the edge of the plate.

PICKLE - A rundown.

PUNCHOUT - A strikeout.

RHUBARB - A fight or scuffle.

RIBBIE - Another way of saying RBI. Also "ribeye."

RUBBER GAME - The deciding game of a series.

RUTHIAN - With great power.

SWEET SPOT - The part of the bat just a few inches from the barrel.

TABLE SETTER - Batter whose job is to get on base for other hitters to drive him in.

TAPE-MEASURE BLAST - An extremely long home run.

TATER - A home run.

TOOLS OF IGNORANCE - Catcher's equipment.

UNCLE CHARLIE - Curve ball.

WHEELHOUSE - A hitter's power zone.

WHIFF - Strikeout.

YAKKER - Curve ball.  

Now, during the “rubber game(s)” this weekend, I can yell out things like:

Come on Goodlettsville, let’s get a few more   taters  !
Man, he’s sure is throwing some   meatballs   across the  dish ! 
Did you see him   whiff   at that  Uncle Charlie ? 
Call the  fireman  to the hill so we can throw  some cheese!

Anyhow, I better get back to finding all the music for the next Totally 80s Weekend before the boss and I get into a Rhubarb.  Ha!
BTW - Thanks to  for the help!