Make Believe Football is Awesome

Mean Johnny Greene urges you to "Live the Fantasy"......Whatever!

OK, it’s that time of the year when football fanatics get together for a ritual that can only be described as "the immature enjoyment of the best game on earth” or simply “Sweeeeeeeeeeeet.”  It’s Fantasy Football time!

If you aren’t familiar with Fantasy Football, I’ll give you a quick heads up.  Fantasy Football is where a bunch of football junkies get together, pick teams out of the current roster of the NFL, then play their teams against each other in their own little pseudo season. When your make believe players score in real life, your fantasy team earns points…and the team with the most points wins. Awesome right?

Being the athletic supporter I am (and since I'm a dreamer)….I Love This Game.  I mean really, where else can you enjoy pretending to coach a team full of pro-football superstars against a friends/co-workers imaginary team of pro-football superstars?  The other day I was worried that fantasy football would make me look like a dork when someone called it World of Warcraft Football.  But it’s nothing like that, since there aren’t any horses or swords or Mr T’s Mohawk grenades.  Let’s face it, once we left high school, most of us can no longer put on the helmet and pads without hurting something vital.  Unless we want to rant about our high school days like Al Bundy, …this’ll have to do. 

Apparently the JACK-fm management has caught fantasy football fever, and has hired our own fantasy guru by the name of Mean Johnny Greene.  He has his own webpage & everything.  He does have football knowledge, but he's so mean...why does he have to be so mean?  Why can't he be more like these fantasy experts?  Here’s the kicker, Mean Johnny Greene is in my fantasy football league.  He not a very nice person so I will take pleasure in destroying his silly little football team this year. 

Oops, all this fantasy football talk I almost forgot to lay down the mop of justice on the kitchen floors.  C-ya. 

Here's Mean Johnny Greene's "so-called" expertese on the fantasy draft.