Meet Banner - One of Moose's Pooches

OK, let me introduce you to “Banner.” He’s a 5 year-old Welsh Corgi mix and a special dog there at A New Leash on Life.  You might remember hearing about Operation Freedom Dogs Rescue last year.  Unfortunately, Banner & 15 other dogs were in a hoarding situation.  Fortunately the cool people at A New Leash took him in.  If you're interested or know someone who is intrested in Banner make sure to contact A New Leash On Life

A little more about Banner.  This is one awesome dog that LOVES attention. Unlike most of adoptions, and against policy, New Leash, will allow Banner to be adopted as an outdoor dog IF there is a safe and securely fenced-in backyard with adequate shelter available for Banner.  Banner is available for adoption for $60.  He is neutered, micro-chipped and current on vaccinations.  Banner arrived heartworm positive but is currently on monthly treatment/preventative for the condition.   New Leash on Life offers a 7 day doggie sleepover program to make sure the animal is the right fit for your home.  Call New Leash on Life for further questions about Banner:  615-444-1144.