Moose's blog.

Moose's blog.

Who said butt-kissing never gets you anywhere? Really,...who said it? I don't know, but I guess I've done just the right amount to get my own section of the new Check it out, I'll blog about the stuff you do and don't hear on the radio. There's also pictures, videos, and any kind of what-not that I can steal from around the web. See for yourself.

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Whats up with Def Leppard?

A few years back when I lived in NC a group of friends and I had tickets to Def Leppard concert. We drove 2 hours for the show, got rooms for the nite and headed off to dinner before the show. On the window of the resturant a sign read 'Def Leppard concert canceled'. Guess what? We won tickets on Jack and they canceled AGAIN. Whats up with this band!! We like them but this sucks.

Thanks heaps

Jeez Moose, what am I going to do for Halloween now? You took the best mask!

Your glasses

Where can I get a set of Moose's specs?

Your glasses

I tell you where he got those glasses. Off my nitestand. And if their not back by this weekend I'm gonna get some Moose on my foot. I know where you live Moose. Got some nerve coming over for some beers and stealing my stuff....

Eye Disease

Before surgery I couldn’t see anything clearly without glasses. Even worse, all outdoor activities were a strain. Needless to say I couldn’t score many points playing basketball. At work I wasn’t able to use a computer for more than an hour before I started getting head aches. This not only affected my performance but also my attitude. Now that I’ve had the surgery I finally have a full field of vision during every waking hour. Being able to walk outside with no glasses or contacts and seeing everything is amazing. I highly recommend a Eye Disease surgery.

Well well well...

Looking good! The new website is coming along nicely. Look forward to your updated...stolen information from the web.

RE: Well well well

LOL. We prefer to use the term "borrowed". Since we merely link out to the original stories, we are giving the originator credit and web traffic.

New site

Looking good!

yo moose

nice site you tech geek you

Listen Live??

Where is it?? I'm having Jack withdrawals!! ;)

Listen live is located on the

Listen live is located on the top menu, left-hand side... We also recently added it back under the Club JACK sign in area.