Moose's New Year predictions

Moose's New Year predictions

OK, so it’s 2011.  Now what?  2010 was a pretty awesome year, and who know's what the heck is gonna happen this year.  So, I'll play the role of New Year Clairvoyant and predict a few things for the upcoming year.  I’m pretty confident that all of these will happen.  Happy New Year.

Antoine Dodson will catch the rapist so we don’t have to keep hiding everybody up in here. Home Boy!

Lady Gaga will wear a dress made completely of Live Animals. 

I might finally figure out what that movie “Inception” was all about...  maybe?

5 of the rescued Chilean Miners will form a boy band called “Up-Top.” 

Something completely boring will happen on the gulf coast…like people going to the beach and stuff.

U2 plays “Freebird” after a random crowd member urges them to at Vanderbilt Stadium.

Former Coach/Sports Commentator Jimmy Johnson will stop doing commercials for Etenze.  Gross!

Parachute pants will finally make their long awaited comeback! 

American Bad Ass, Kid Rock, will Bawitdaba on iTunes.  Come on the Beatles are on there, eh?

The 15 minutes will finally be up on the Jersey Shore cast. Fingers Crossed!

I’ll be asked to be the official spokesperson for the new Nashville Lingerie Football team.  Fingers Crossed!

Kesha will annouce she's going country and return to Nashville to release her album, "Hey Cowboy, wanna make out?"

Brett Favre will officially quit football.  For real this time, I mean it…for real.

Sorry for that whole oil spill thing, BP will sell gas for $1 a gallon for the entire summer.

Later this year, Ozzy will make plans to bite the head off another bat to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of Ozzy biting off the head of a bat.

They will finally find a use for the iPad.

And lastly, JACK-fm will debut their new line of Silly Bandz.