Moose's Song of da Week


It's about time!  Finally as JACK-fm’s Assistant Manager I have been given some authority, some power, some stroke around here.  So, as my first act, I'm going to officially name a song of my choosing as the “Song of da Week” for the world!  (OK, maybe just Nashville.) 

This week’s song is...

Ain’t No Grave (Can Hold My Body Down)Johnny Cash

For the last week I haven’t been able to get this song outta my head.  Since the other night playing Hold’em & hearing it on someone’s iPod, to the numerous times I’ve seen the new Deadliest Catch promos on TV, and now one of my favorite pro-wrestlers is using it as his theme song. It’s everywhere.

Is there more of a bad ass in music than Johnny Cash?  At one time, the Grand Ole Opry asked him to never come back after performing while stoned.  Johnny Cash also didn’t take any requests...President Nixon once asked him to play a couple of his favorite songs and Johnny flat-out refused and played the songs he wanted to play.  Just before Johnny died he recorded this song along with 50 or so others for his “American” series of albums.  You can find this one on his American VI: Ain't No Grave CD. 

BTW, this is a cover of an old "Brother" Claude Ely song.

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Johnny Cash

Dude, that song is too cool! Good choice!!