Moose's Song of da Week

Moose's Song of da Week

As JACK’s assistant manager, I declare that the following song is and forever will be known as the Song of da Week.  Well, at least until I find another rightfully deserving song.  And this week’s song is...

"Walk" by Foo Fighters

I’m hearing this jam everywhere--radio, TV, movies, etc!  Example: after work last week I saw the epic film THOR!  This was one of the only two credited songs and it was a blaring at the end of the flick.  BTW, stay after the credits for a sneek peek at the next Avengers movie.

Good news, the FOO just started their US tour this week with a stop in Memphis tomorrow night.  (Yes, I wish I was going.) If you haven't heard their new album Wasted Light, what are you waiting for?  Fun Fact: It was recorded in Dave Grohl’s garage, and when you buy the album/CD, you'll actually get a piece of the master tape they recorded it on.  Sweet!  Oh, and if you get a chance, check out their new Foo Fighters Rockumentary.

Video of their special Bealtesque performance on Late Night.