My new gift?

60 watts is blinding up close.

Just to let you in on a little secret, when I’m at work...I'm totally rockin’ out!  Usually, ok maybe always, I’m listening to music while I work.  Obviously, I listen to JACK-fm.  But lately I’ve been on a kick to listen to as many Bonnaroo artists that I can cram in before the big trip.  (Only 21 Days!)

Well, today my boss gave me a gift.  Apparently, he has a hard time getting my attention when calling to me from his office, which is maybe 10 feet away.  I never hear him or anyone/thing under my headphones.  (I’m told there’s even video evidence of this occurrence as well.)

So, after a quick trip to Target, he bestowed this beautiful brushed silver beauty on me.  Nope, no shade on this bad boy, but it has a remote control!  That way whenever I’m jamming, and he needs to get with me ‘bout JACK stuff...iit signals me like I’m Batman.  

Thanks bossman, I think?

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Lol! That sounds familiar... Although I do not work for anyone in particular I'm a JACK FAN/LISTENER 24/7 and do not hear who ever is talking to me when spoken to either and they are usually sitting next to me whether I have my plugs in or out...when I listen to JACK I do not like to be interrupted...:) LOL!GLTJ4E!<3