My Prediction...PAIN

All right, if you are following along on the DWTS Challenge you'll know that tonight they vote off another contestant on the show and it's up to my opponents to out-witt and out-smart me on who will be voted off. This week every correct guess will be worth 4 points. Just like Mr. T from Rocky 3, I pity these fools!


Moose  - JACK-fm's Assistant Manager Picks: Jake Pavelka

Christine Maddela

Christine Maddela - News 2 Anchor, Reporter Picks: Pam Anderson


Mandy Burns - MTSU Executive Aide in Chemistry Picks: Pam Anderson

Psycho T

Toya Haynes - Dir.Of First Impressions @ S. Cen. Media Picks: Jake Pavelka


Joe Dubin - News 2 Sports Anchor/Reporter Picks: Erin Andrews

Here’s a look at the leader board.

  • Moose - 2 points
  • Christine - 3 points
  • Mandy - 3 points
  • Toya - 0 points
  • Joe - 3 points

Agree with the picks?