Myspace is dead!

Is MySpace dead?

Well, I guess so….depending on whom you talk to. (Oh, the following will have a lot of Geek Speak in it. Most of this I just learned over the weekend) OK, so I have been contemplating dumping my MySpace account for a few weeks now (That means about 6 ½ minutes of actual thought). It’s kinda a pain in the butt to have a facebook and a MySpace at the same time, and not really many of my friends are using it anymore. So I thought I’d get more opinions this past weekend when I went to PodCamp Nashville.

My initial reasons for going was to find out how I could do this whole “social media” thing better. Sounds kinda nerdy huh? Even so, I thought it was pretty cool and I actually learned a few things. Like, how to set up at podcast, how to geek out on some hootsuite, what is the best blogging platform, I learned interesting theory’s of how twitter can be used – not abused….oh, and that Jorts are definitely still IN! When talking to some of the peeps there, they have this feeling that MySpace is dead and has been for at least 2 years now. Later that day after the festivities, I talked with some more friends of mine (In real life, not over a computer) about it. Some agreed, and some where just finding out about it (A little slow I know).

So, what do I do? Guess I’ll think about it over the weekend. Right now I’m getting ready to buy lunch for this weeks Noshin’ with Moose winner.


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MySpace is Dead!

Have to agree. MySpace was dead before my station ever did anything with it. We're heavy on Facebook, Twitter and of course our own website (working on a station blog).

The most important thing, I think, to keep in mind is it's all about creating value. If your station's SM accounts are primarily used for getting the word out about what the station is doing, it won't be enough (and it may be a turn-off too).

Put meeting the listener's needs first in all things (not just social media) and you will succeed I think.