Nashville Idols on Parade

Can you see the next American Idol?  I Can.

Finally, American Idol came back to Nashville. Well, back on July 1st, 2010 they did, and they also (secretly) returned again with the new judges to narrow the field down even more.  Well, now that's all done, we finally got to see the results as it aired all over the world on Thursday (1/27) on Fox 17.  You might remember all the talk back then was about a 4th judge, which panned out to be a whole new crew of judges (except for my main dog Randy Jackson).

(On that Saturday morning in July we were there, when the American Idol people where there, the Idol hopefuls were there and so was JACK-fm)

Check it out....We found some sneak peeks and tomorrow nights Nashville Idol show.

Oh, and I would get in trouble from the boss if I didn’t post this classic audition.