New "It" Girl

KP and $$

Just like the ceremonial changing of the calendar every New Year, it’s time to select a new “It” Girl for 2011.  Yes ladies, this is total guy thing…sorry.  (But I’m guessing women have their "It” Dudes too)  What is an “It” girl?  Well, she’s the girl that’s it.  Whatever 'it' is, she's 'it'.  Make sense?  It really doesn’t have to, but for me it could range from a poster on my cubical wall to being a symbol of inspiration or my own personal spokesperson for all things awesome. 

Since I’m not currently in a relationship this doesn’t really matter, but if I was…. “It” girls can also be on the list.   You know what list I’m talking about.  (Last year Kellie Pickler was my “It” girl)  Other “It” girls from back in the day included Cheryl Tiegs, Heather Thomas, Nancy McKeon, and so on.  Unlike, most fella’s who go for the uber popular ladies, I’m more of a..."Huh? I never thought of her" kinda dude.  Now for the toughest task, picking one.  Here’s what I had to choose from…

Elizabeth Banks: Dang, this girl has been in tons of TV shows and movies.  Why she hasn’t won an Oscar for her role as Beth in Role Models.

Claire Forlani : Nope, don’t ask me how to pronounce her last name because I have no idea.  First saw her in the movie Mallrats.  Recently (I’m sure she regrets it) she played a cool single cowgirl in Larry the Cable Guy’s “Beer for my Horses”

Katheryn Hahn: You might remember her in classic roles like Babs Merrick in The Goods or Alice in Step Brothers.  She’s pretty hilarious.

Angie Harmon:  Man I used to be a fan of Baywatch, but you might remember Angie in Baywatch Nights.  Recently stared in the short lived TV show Rizzoli & Isles.

Catherine KeenerWhat a cougar!  Remember, she’s the hot grandma from 40 Year Old Virgin.  At 52 she’s totally hot! (Man, that sounded like a 8th grader)

Kate MaraThis girl is about to break out with a couple of huge movies.  You might remember her in We are Marshall, Entourage & Marky Marks “Shooter”. 

Elizabeth MitchellYou might know her from the TV series Lost or V, but she won my heart in The Santa Clause 2:  The Mrs. Clause.

Michelle MonaghanShe kicked butt in Mission Impossible 3 & Eagle Eye.  Oh, and she was funny in the very unfunny movie The Heartbreak Kid.

Elizabeth Shue: You know I had to throw someone in here from the 80's.  Well, if you don't know she's from the original Karate Kid ("You're the Best!").  She’s real pretty too. 

OK, now the tough part.  Picking this year's "It" girl.  Wow, I spent so much time on putting this list together, that I'll have to make a decision another day.  Who would you pick?