Nice Mustachio, Dude

He's in it to win it baby

If there was a Bonnaroo bingo card floating around, we might have shouted BINGO a few times already.  Besides the 100+ acts over the entire festival, the people watchin’ is the best.  Folks, all over the grounds are her to have fun and to let loose and sometimes they let their personality out in what they wear...

So far we’ve seen everything from guys wearing a simple pink cowboy had embossed with a tiara, completely covered bodies with only a speedo to keep things together.  Fairies do exist here too!  Not to mention the incredible doo, from macho mohawks, pompadours, crazy long dreads to ladies who don't believe in shaving their armpits.  WOW!  Oh, and  I swear last night I saw a dude in a loin cloth and a homemade Indian headdress made of neon.  Not to mention the body paint, sometimes without clothing underneath ;)

Every day at Bonnaroo, guys and girls can express their hairy selves with facial hair in the Beard & Mustache competition.  We actually ran into the organizers of the whole deal partying at the Wal-Mart parking lot on Wednesday with the house band, "The Flavor Savers."  (You might remember them from last year.) We’re going to check that out and get plenty of videos and pictures to show you real soon on JACK’s Festive Bonnaroo Page.

Gotta run, Grace Potter is about to play…she is quite attractive ya know.  Oh, and she’s a good singer too.