No Padding Needed???

gearing up...

I guess we are calling it our little JACK-fm Christmas video, or maybe not. I really don't know, they don't tell me much around here. Still, the video is ready for your viewing. And if you do watch it, yes!I DID have padding in the suit. See the picture for proof.

Oh, a little behind the scenes kinda stuff.

- This was shot in the 3rd floor (or the top floor) of our building. The Sales Dept.
- Thanks Craig, Mark, and Lindsey for being in the video.
- Yep, everybody in the video works here.
- I got the Santa suit from Performance Costume. No, it wasn't their biggest one.
- The suit weighed over 15 pounds.

And lastly, every video we do has some sort of continuity error in it. Not on purpose, it just happens. There are two (that I have found) in this one. Are there more?

O'well! Enjoy.

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Have you considered professional acting?

Because you shouldn't. However, got a good laugh on this side of the world!


Too funny Jenni K. We are far from anything with the word "Professional" around here.