No Shave November?

No Shave November?

Have you ever heard of "No Shave November"?  Urban Dictionary describes it as “The month of November in which you don't shave any hair of your body but instead you grow more bestial, brutish, and manly.” 

Well I tried it, and nearly made it through the whole month.  Just 11 Days short.  I know that seems a little closer to "just a little over half way", but I’m a half-glass-full kinda guy (along with just a hint of exaggeration).  No matter, at Day 19 I couldn’t handle it anymore.  The itchyness, the feeling of having a hairy blanket on my face, and the weird “Mommy, that strange man is scaring me” looks helped put the kibosh on it.  Oh, and I forgot to mention my inability to grow a normal natural beard period.  Nope, I’m not built for it…It comes it more like little hairy patches here and there.  And as a bonus, during the last few days of my attempt of No Shave November, I was honored with the nickname Patches O'Hoolihan

Here’s to you, if you made it through the whole month without shaving.  (Check this out for fun things to do with your beard during the month of December) 

OK, I had better run, I have to finish my list of the 25 Worst Christmas Songs…Ever.  The countdown begins tomorrow (11/30).   

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I wasn't aware of the "no shave November" phenomenon. I'm not sure how well it would have gone over with my girlfriend's family to show up unkempt and scraggly at Thanksgiving dinner. This reminds me of mustache chicken, where two or more friends grow a mustache without trimming it and the last one to hold out with an intact mustache wins.

Mustache Chicken?! 

Mustache Chicken?!  Hilarious!  Maybe I'll do that next...If I can find a worthy adversary.