Now! That's What I Call Thanksgiving Music Vol.1

He's like the crazy cousin that never wears a shirt to the dinner table.

Check it out, in my spare time this morning I finally got a chance to jot a few things down on this blog.  (Sorry, my fantasy football team needed a lot of attention…they’re terrible!)  All of us are about to be smothered, covered and chunked in Christmas music for the next 30 days.  No matter where we go there’ll be a "sleigh ride", or a "partridge in a pear tree".  (Some stores started cranking up the “holly jolly” back on November 1st.  Ugh!)   With tomorrow being Thanksgiving and all, I wanted to give the “Day to give Thanks” it's due.  So, this morning I wasted a couple company hours looking around the internet for a bunch of Turkey songs.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Can’t Stuff This

Can't Gobble Me

Turkey Song

Stuff It

Mr. Turkey

I Will Survive

I Want 2 Stuff U

Pour Some Gravy On Me

Alice's Restaurant - Part 1

Alice's Restaurant - Part 2

And of course, Adam Sandler's "Thanksgiving Song"


These aren't songs, but they're still festive...

Turkey Stand Up

Thanksgiving Commercial