Now You See Me in the Trailer Park

Now You See Me in the Trailer Park

Magic is pretty weird.  Most times girls aren’t into it (See this week’s Bachelorette to see what I mean) but people pay big money to watch it.  Act’s like Penn & Teller, Criss Angel & that Masked Magician are awesome to watch while trying to figure out how they did it.  On the other hand, David Blaine still freaks me out a little. 

Anyhow, after watching this trailer I’m thinking I’ll like this movie.  Woody Harrelson & Morgan Freeman are in it, so it’s sure to be great right?  Oh, did you see Morgan Freeman lately, he’s pretty excited about the movie too.  Oh, and if you wondering, I watched the trailer for After Earth 4 times and I just couldn’t get into it, but it also hit cinemas this weekend. 

Anyway, I give it 4 Pink Flamingos out of 5. 


5 Pink Flamingos – AWESOME!  Must see in theaters

4 Pink Flamingos – Pretty Sweet, but it’s your dime

3 Pink Flamingos – Good, but I’d wait for the DVD

2 Pink Flamingos – Meh, let someone rent the DVD for you

1 Pink Flamingo – Go outside and rethink your movie choices