OK, somebody's a comedian around here!

Somebodies gonna enjoy these...

If you read the previous blog and thought wow, that Moose is into Beanie Babies??? What a FREAK! Well, imagine my surprise reading that blog when I got back from my vacation. I can tell you that I didn't go to Tunica, what Assistant Manager can afford a trip to that gambling paradise. And no, I don't collect Beanie Babies.

Which brings me to my next question, who wrote that fake blog while I was gone? I'm not sure yet!..but I will find out!Well, at least I hope so....I bought a brick of stinkbombs for the guilty party. Anyhow, back to work.

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Yeah, right.

Denial. And I'm not talking about the river in Egypt. It's ok, some of us like the 'sensitive side'... well, no, that's not really true, but it provides a huge amount of entertainment for us at your expense. Like rockin' out to Miley.....