OMG! Look Up in the Sky!

I couldn't get a good picture of this event, so here's a picture of a couople of bonnaroo'ers i met just ater the event.

OK, we’re were just chillin’ for a moment at the camper before we head to the Arcade Fire show.  I still can remember what we were all talking about when Tina (JACK’s Head of Promotions) yelled, “OH MY GOD, PIXIE DUST!”

Up in the air was about 5 paratroopers that had just jumped out of a plane.  All of them were actually dropping what looked like pixie dust in the air that was landing somewhere near the Which Stage.  The parachutes looked to be out fitted with lasers or LED's, as well as the paratroopers themselves.  I was pretty cool. 

Later, we were told it was part of the Primus show.  This kinda stuff just adds to the reasons why Bonnaroo is one of the biggest events of the year in Tennessee.  You just never know what will happen...

OK, it’s Time to rock.

Here's what it kinda looked like: