One Hit Wonder Bracket BUSTED!

One Hit Wonder Bracket BUSTED!

Ok, where do I begin? As far as my JACK-fm's One Hit Wonder Madness Tourney predictions go, none of my early picks made it to the finals, and only one came close. Yep, as the kids would say, "I sucked out loud!"

For instance in the Dweebs Division I thought the Flock would at least make it to the final 4, but who knew they would fall to the "Achilles Heel" of the entire bracket Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Those overall wearing Britt’s took out my early hair band favorite Europe with out breaking a sweat.

In the Freaks Division I was completely disappointed in Biz Markie's early exit. Who knew people still love Sinead O’Conner’s Nothing Compares 2 U? Oh, and don’t think I hadn’t seen how bad I did with the whole a-ha nearly making the final 4...when I said stay away from them. I would like to forget this whole division period.

Now, to make up for the whole freaks division, I did pretty well in Legit. Bobby McFerrin, 'Til Tuesday went pretty deep in the tourney and Nena and her 99 Red Balloons did make it to the final 4. Boo-yah!

Then in was definitely a crap shoot. So many huge hit songs it was hard to pick the one that would come out on top. But who would have thought that Devo would have fallen to a little band from Essex, England singing about “Stoping the World and Melting with You.” Talk about morbid. Think about it, that song was used in a Burger King Commercial in the 90’s. O’well.

Since Devo didn’t make it, my championship pick was doomed!

You can still decide who wins it, between Thomas Dolby or Soft Cell. Remember every time you vote, it’s one more time you put your name in the hat for the $500 drawing at the end. Good Luck.

Oops, I think the boss just called me the his office…