R U ready 4 Snow?

R U ready 4 Snow?

Since the weather dudes are predicting the Nashville area will receive 2 – 4 inches of snow this Thursday, I went online to find any kind of helpful snow preparedness information. This is what I found on a website called eHow.com.

Step 1
The first step for snowed in preparedness is to have all of the necessities that your family needs. Before the beginning of winter, stock up on things like bottled water, non-perishable foods that can be eaten without cooking them, warm clothes, medication and diapers (if necessary).

Moose: No where did I see bread or milk. These people are not from around here.

Step 2
Be ready for a power outage at any time. In times of extreme weather, power outages may happen. Keep flashlights, candles and other light sources in a place that can be easily found, even without the availability of lighting.

Moose: OK, so does this mean I should also keep my laptop and cell phone charged too?

Step 3
Keep your laptop and cell phone charged at all times. If the power is out, you may need these items to communicate with others or search for news about the status of the power outage.

Moose: Ahh, gotcha.

Step 4
Weatherize your home. Seal up any cracks around windows and doors. This will keep the cold out of your home, as well as keeping the heat in. This is always beneficial, but is especially helpful during the coldest of winter storms.

Moose: Might I suggest a Sock Monkey Door Draft Stopper. He's a little creepy, but he'll do the job.

Step 5
Keep a stash of fun, snow day things available. Make sure to have board games, books, and movies available for family entertainment. Make the most of this snow day - it's an opportunity to spend time with your family, since there isn't any pressure to go out or take care of errands. Sit your family down for some family fun time. Even if your family is hesitant at first, the day may end up being great.

Moose: Show of hands of who already had enough "family time" around the holidays? Plus, one of the seasonal joys is going out on the road to watch the jackass's in the 4x4 trucks proving once again that it dumbass, beer, and a 4-wheel-drive truck don't mix.

Step 6
When a snowstorm is predicted, bring home anything that you may need for work. If you have the luxury of working from home, be prepared to take the opportunity. While your coworker has to fight through the snow to get to work, you'll wake up late, turn on your computer, and work while you're snowed in.

Moose: What? Are you kidding me? Just like when I was in school, snow days meant NO SCHOOL. So, if you are like me....snow days for grown ups mean, NO WORK.

Step 7
When it seems like you may be snowed in, go home. Ask your family to go home as well. It is better to be at home, and know where your family is, during a snow day.

Moose: Man, some of my co-workers would totally disagree with this. Once they see snow, to them it means free pool and darts at the bar.

Step 8
During the snow day, if you can, throw diets and responsibilities to the wind. Use the snow day as a chance to have fun. Think of it this way: if you weren't snowed in, you'd probably be at work, so this day should be like a surprise vacation day. Have fun with the time that you have. And, eat whatever you want! It's not every day that you have such a great excuse not to go to the gym.

Moose: OK, now that makes sense. I say if you get a snow day, enjoy it like it's another vacation day that you didn't get around the holidays.

Ok, that is some snow preparedness from the folks at eHow.com. Hope that helps.

Do you have any other suggestions?