Random thoughts during Superbowl 45

Random thoughts during Superbowl 45

Nope, my predictions were a little off for this year’s Superbowl Champion, but Green Bay rightfully brought the big silvery trophy back to their city, nicknamed “Title-town.”  Since I’m a fan of football, I truly enjoyed the game…it wasn’t too bad, but the halftime show....UGH!  Anyway, before the game started, I tuned in, grabbed a notepad, and wrote down some random thoughts on what I saw during the big game... 

Man, Texas Stadium looks like a huge spaceship!  It totally does.

John Travolta just did a good job lying about NFL Annalist/Former Football Player Howie Long being a good actor.

The crowd watching Keith Urban play isn’t really into it…I bet they’re all Taylor Swift fans.

Huh, I might be wrong, but I think I just heard something weird during Christina Aguilera’s singing of the National Anthem.

Hey look, it’s Aston Kutcher, and Condoleezza Rice.  

Really, another Fast & Furious Movie?

After this game, I bet that #99 Steelers dude will be able to afford to move out of the cabin in the woods.  

Cowboys & Aliens?  It sounds like another weird comic book movie.

Bummer, no one has wiped their nose on one another on the sideline yet.

Commercial of the night!  Right now, I’m calling it.  The “amazing rack” Teleflora.com commercial was pretty funny.

Dude, that little Darth Vader just started that car!  The force is strong with him!!

OK, if I was the sound guy to this half time show, I had better go update my resume.  

Is it me, or is Fergie a little beefier on top?  

It’s the beginning of the second half and I’m still a little creeped out by that finger licking Doritos Commercial.

Is that a girl in a beard behind Ozzy?  Oops, sorry it was Justin Bieber.
I would love for Cameron Diaz to feed me popcorn in the Presidential Suite at the Superbowl.  You da man A-Rod!  

Wondering if Brett Favre still gets paid every time they mentioned his name.

Is it me, or are this year's Superbowl commercials a little saucier?

Man, this football game is getting pretty good.  Steelers making a comeback…

OK, recalling the commercial of the night…The Bud Light Party Dogs are, “There’s a whisker in my Hamburger”, Hilarious!

Dang, I think the Steelers are going to….yep, they lost.  Gotta cough up 10-bucks tomorrow.

Holy Crap, QVC is already selling autographed Green Bay helmets for $700?!

I wonder if I Tivo’ed the Puppy Bowl?

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