Show us your TAT!

Now, THAT's a trap stamp!

OK, after being at Bonnaroo for the last three years in a row, one would think they’ve done it all.  Nope.  Yesterday was a great day here in Manchester, and it brought a few more new experiences to knock off the bucket list, for sure.  

Yesterday, I finally did it!  I finally drank from the mushroom fountain.  Um, it was gross.  What can I’s like drinking from a dirty hose.  Yucky.  Watch the video of the experience.

Another to add to the list of 1st's is the “Big Ass Slide.” Yep, I risked my life going down that 40 foot beast for a JACK-fm Bonnaroo video.  It was pretty cool.  If I had one of these things in my back yard, I would totally rule the neighborhood.

Before I wrap this one up, one thing you’ll expericne at Bonnaroo is meeting new people.  From the Fox 17 folks camping next to us, to some of the friends we met inside the fest.  Example, we’re taking the JACK-fm mini cam all over Bonnaroo playing a game called “Show me your TATS!”  Noboy has wanted to punch me in the face for video taping their tattoos...yet.  (Maybe we should try this at the office?)  Who knows, maybe I’ll even get a tattoo this weekend just so I too can get on the video.  

Gotta go. Off to Yoga. (Yep, never did that before either.)