Sizzling Summer Solstice

Is that heaven?  Nope, I think it's the pool at the Comfort Inn off Demonbruen.

Holy Crap, It’s Hot! (Duh!) And today is the first day of summer?  At this point, the weather dudes can shove it with their “heat indexes” & “feels like” temperatures. I’m thinking the city should open up all water fountains for wading, and maybe swimming at Centennial Park. (Not really, but think of the people watching and the stories you’d come back with)  Anyhow, desk-top mist fans, lunchtime water gun fights, and sprinklers raining over outdoor meetings are a must.

But get this, while we are jumping into summer with this extreme heat wave…just a little over 4 months ago we were snowed in.  It was the Situation2010 or Nashville’s Snowpocalypse.  Whatever you called it, the temperature was cold, there was a lot of snow on the ground and NO Sun Burns. 

OK, better go find my swim trunks for today’s 3:15 Slip ’n Slide break.

Oh, I also found some things to do to stay cool.