Supposedly Haunted Houses in Nashville

Well, Trick or Treat & smell my feet, it’s Halloween.  All the Candy, Costumes, Parties, Haunted Houses, make this one killer holiday.  Here’s my two cents on stuff about All Hallows Eve and to class it up I’m calling it my “7 blogs of Halloween”.

The hair standing on the back of your neck, prickly goose bumps, and nervous shivers are some of the best part of Halloween.  Yes, this is the best time of the year to tell Ghost Stories (Especially when a bon-fire and burnt marshmallows are involved).  Some friends of mine at Nashville Ghost Tours tell some pretty ghostly tales all year round.  Well, we talked about Nashville’s Scariest Haunts already, no for the real thing.  Whether you believe or not that there are ghosts among us, here are some local stories of actual haunting.  Spooky…

Congress Inn
Apparently the motel office was used for a hospital in the civil war.  The stories allegedly say the fighting was so severe that they had to bury their dead,…by cementing them in the walls of the basement.  Ewww.

Old Donelson Hospital
It’s said to be one of the oldest hospitals in Donelson until it closed down.  It has been reported by various people who have had to entered the building, once the doors close behind you…numerous screams and moans can be heard as well as footsteps and clanging on the walls. Creepy…

Hawkins House
It is rumored that poltergeist had (Or maybe still) inhabits this house.  Hopefully it’s nothing like the movie, that was freaking freaky.  

The Hermitage
Well, President Andrew Jackson’s crib has had several caretakers reporting as to seeing slaves gathered on the front balcony of the mansion in front of Jackson's bedroom window.   Why the bedroom window?  Hmmmm


Market Street Pub and Brewery
There are stories of chairs moving across the dining room floor by themselves, and light fixtures swinging.  Not to mention the lights going off by themselves, only to come back on when someone (living) commands.  Wow…

Opryland Hotel
There is said to be a ghost at the Opryland Hotel; it’s a lady that will come down the corridors late at night. There has been strange things been happening there, especially on the 3rd shift. Some say they have seen her.  Also Hank Williams Sr. has apparently been seen by construction workers.

Two Rivers Mansion and Golf Course
Reports of people walking in the mansion and items disappearing, lights turning off and on happen often.  Witnesses also state if it’s really quiet, you can hear footsteps following you around. It is known to be a litter of civil war bodies under the ground, as well as an Indian burial ground. Rumor is that there was an old house that was at the very back of the golf course that was torn down a long time ago.  Apparently there was an old man that lived in it that buried his money under ground.  It is said if you go up there late at night you can hear him opening his jars of money that were found during the destruction of the house.

Information nearly all copied and pasted from  Thanks dudes for doing all the hard work.

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