Surviving the Holiday Party

Surviving the Holiday Party

OK, last night was the company Christmas party. It was held at the Musicians Hall of Fame. off 6th, and that place is pretty cool, especially if you like music and the people who make it. Loved the exhibits they had on display, including one of Jimi Hendrix's guitars that he didn't burn on stage. Then today a friend emailed me an article from called "Surviving the Holiday Party." Let's see how I did!

Determine in advance if significant others are invited. An office party is a potential career opportunity and your lady may be a great asset as you mix and mingle. If you do not have a significant other, this is not the best venue for a first date.
Moose – had no date. Forgot about the party till the last minute.

RSVP or buy your ticket in advance. Even if you don't feel like attending, make the effort.
Moose – I don't remember doing this. Maybe my boss did it for me?

In these days of cutbacks, not all companies offer open bars or complementary wine with dinner. You also want to be prepared to pay cab fare -- yours or an inebriated colleague's.
Moose – Oops.

The venue will likely determine the dress code. If you're not sure, ask. Make an impression for the right reasons.
Moose – It was stated as "casual." Jean/Shorts are "casual" right?

Don't be the first to arrive -- or the last. Arriving in the middle of dinner is rude, as is leaving too early. That said, don't plan other social engagements on the same evening.
Moose – It was at the Musicians Hall of Fame so I went early to get a peek at all the displays.

Mingle with everyone
Moose - Oops!

Don't head directly to the bar or buffet table as soon as you arrive. Mingle first.
Moose - Double Oops!

Try to speak to every person in the room, if only to wish them happy holidays. Keep in mind that some people don't celebrate Christmas.
Moose - I'm not doing to well at this whole thing so far.

Make conversation with your boss' wife. In fact, be friendly with everyone's significant other. They'll remember your kindness and courtesy, and may prove influential in your future career path.
Moose - Ok, I did talk to the boss' significant others, but I didn't realize this point made by or I wouldn't have brought up my favorite funny lines from my collection of Kevin Smith movies.

Avoid talking shop with coworkers, don't make your move on the office hottie, and don't curse.
Moose - Dammit. I really suck.

There is a great temptation to drink excessively at office parties. Pace yourself with alcohol. There's no shame in declining a cocktail, especially if you're driving.
Moose – does borrowing and using everyone's left over drink tickets count?

Be a good sport. If the DJ holds a contest, participate and try to draw other people into the fun. You'll be seen as a natural leader.
Moose – Is a natural leader one who after winning a portable DVD player in the company raffle, grabs the microphone and yells "IN YOUR FACE" to everyone?

Always make a point of saying goodnight and thank you to the most senior manager in attendance, the party organizer and your own boss before you leave.
Moose – I did this. Yeah, I got one.

Avoid the temptation to describe in detail how the vice president fell off the table he was dancing on, or how the administrative assistant from marketing fell out of her dress. Be discreet and you'll be appreciated for it.
Moose – ok, there weren't any juicy stories from this year!but in years past we have had some doozies. Oh, wait!according to this survey I can't tell ya. Bummer.

Ok, hope this helps. Looks like I have to go do some damage control.

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Office parties are a mine field

No one's perfect. For instance, I know someone that was banned from coming to another office party... or back to the office, actually. Court injunction.

(In my friend's defense, the guy SAID he was 18. How was I.. um, SHE supposed to know it was the boss's son?)

Really,.. it was my friend!

Silent Bob rocks.