Swine Flu Defense System

Actual Photo of the Swine Flu Defense System

Just so you know, the JACK-fm studio and programming unit is located in the basement of our building here on Rosedale Ave. On the 2nd floor is where the more "educated" people who work on all the "stuff too complex for me to understand" things for the radio station (For realz). Well today, I saw one of those "smarter" folks snooping around all the cubicle's and studios down here on the 1st floor. I friendly asked this person who shall not be named, "Hey, whatcha doing down here?" And this person exclaimed, "I'm dispensing the companies Swine Flu Defense System."

The Swine Flu Defense System sounded pretty important as well as complicated, so you can imagine my surprise when the person handed me an 8 oz. bottle of KUTOL SANTI-GEL instant hand sanitizer (Pictured to your right). Oh, did I mention that most of the people on the 2nd floor were smart-assed too? I totally thought there would be like a big button to push somewhere incase the Swine Flu was detected somewhere in the building.

You know, maybe I should read more about this Swine Flu junk?

Moose OUT!