Thank You

Thank You

OK, let’s talk about yesterday’s Request-A-Thon.  First off, thanks to all of you that participated and gave your money to the Red Cross Flood Relief efforts.  Incase you missed it, we started taking requests (Yes, for real!) at 6am.  With a minimum of $25 dollars you could have your request played on the air.  All money went directly to the Nashville Red Cross to help their flood relief efforts, which include food, clothing, shelter, and counciling for people displaced from their homes. After talking with a lot of you about it, I thought I should answer the TOP 4 questions I was asked about it all. 

How much money was raised?
JACK-fm listeners all together gave nearly $5,000 dollars, which will buy groceries for 50 displaced families for a week!

How can we help the Red Cross?
You can help the Nashville Red Cross by donating money, giving blood, or Voluntering.  All the details are at NashvilleRedCross.Org.

Where there any requests that made JACK-fm cringe?
Absolutely!  I was totally shocked at some of the requests, and some I never even heard of.

Are you ever going to do this again?
Maybe.  If we have to do something like this again, it’s only because something really awful has happened.  So, if we have to do it, something not so great has happened again.

Well, hopefully that answers those questions you can comment below or email me directly.  Thank you again for your help by donating money that’s truly going to help the people who were hit the worst by the storms and flooding.

OK, I have to get back to working on a huge list of flood relief resources.