TIL - Have you heard of Spikeball?

Today I Learned there’s a new game called SpikeBall. I'm not sure how long this game's been around, but it looks pretty intense.  How can I explain it?  Well, it’s like pickleball, but without the paddles, net, and court.  Wait, that’s not right.  It’s like volleyball, but without the big net, but a little net on the ground...that you ‘spike’ the ball off of.  Anyhow, if that doesn’t explain it well enough, check out the video below.  At JACK-fm, we’ve got life-sized Jenga and beer pong along with our JACK-fm cornhole.  Now I think we’re going to have to get one of these.

As a bonus, I also learned Nashville has their own Spikeball League.  They’re actually having a tournament in April.  If things go the way I'd like them to, you might play me for the Spikeball Championship Trophy.  What?...I can dream can't I?