TIL - The Zipper is 100 Years Old

Today I Learned that 100 years ago the Zipper was patented by Gideon Sunbach.  If it wasn’t for this invention, who knows what would be the fastener that holds our pants together. (Even though Levi's has continuously tried to replace it with buttons)  We wouldn’t have something to close our tents to keep the bugs out. 

We wouldn’t have one of the funniest sound effects in the history or radio.  Nicknames like “The Fly,” “Barn Door,” that lead into warnings like, “Your Fly is Down” and “Your Barn Door is Open.”  We wouldn't have a proper name for this nauseating carnival ride.  We wouldn’t have these funny pictures of celebrities with their Zipper down.  We wouldn't start to chuckle whenever someone shouts "Franks & Beans," or "We got a Bleeder!!!

And most importantly, we wouldn’t have the Great Flydini.

Happy 100th Birthday to the Zipper, you've given us so much.