Time again for American Idol auditions

who can't forget the incredible Mary Roach

Hey, just about to head out to JACK Stick-Up #23 in Murfreesboro. Before I go, I was thinking about tomorrow nights American Idol Auditions. Is it me or are they the perfect train wreck to watch? Really,!no one gets hurt (physically), it entertains to no-end, and they are some what funny.

Who am I kidding, they are stinking HILARIOUS!

I know this is the umpteenth season of AI, but somehow it never gets old. And I know by now that some of the -bad- auditions have got to be plants (or set up) but it never fails to make me laugh out-loud. See for yourself. Here's to another season of down right awful singing!

See ya in Murfreesboro...

PS. If you have a friend who can't sing, but he/she thinks he/she can!.Please be honest with them, tell them the truth, and break it to them gently. And if they don't listen, I heard next season American Idol will be doing auditions in Nashville again. Yeah!

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American Idol is the most

American Idol is the most well-liked TV reality show ever shaped and as it enter its sixth period there aren't any signs of allow. For this season additional than one hundred thousand people test for the right to be crown America's next idol and place next to Taylor Hicks, Carrie Underwood, Fantasia, Ruben Stoddard and Kelly Clarkson.