Today's Movie Quote

Oh, yeah...Don't Try this at home.

And now Today's Movie Quote...

"Hey I understand.  Don’t worry about it.  To tell you the truth I’m envious, I wish I had someone who was in my every thought, somebody that I could spend all my time with, someone that I could really respect…HEY, LOOK AT THE CANS ON THAT BIMBO!

Adrian Zmed’s famous line from an equally famous movie...Bachelor Party!

This 1984 flick embodied everything at was the 80’s, joked on every stereo-type, gave birth to most of today’s innuendoes and tricked out a sweet Porsche all at the same time.    It’s also the movie that turned Tom Hanks & Tawny Kitaen into the mega stars they are today.  If you haven’t ever seen this flick, it’s not for the kids.  Grown Ups only. 

OK, I better run, we’ve got a lot of phone calls lately, I better go give them a listen.  Have a fun weekend.

Bachelor Party Tribute