Tom People Watching Petty

"Rock 'n Roll Baby"

Look, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers always put on a great show.  (I so wish I was going to be there on the 12th at Bridgestone Arena) But it seems like every time I go see the Tominator, he brings out some “interesting” peeps to his show.  Even though it won’t be the best kinda people watching, like you’d get back in the day at Starwood Amphitheatre,’ll be close.  Enjoy.

The “He better play Jammin’ Me” guy
Why is it, that we always get seated next to this guy?  He’s there with his arms folded waiting for the end of the show to prove his point that Tom Petty doesn’t play “the good stuff” anymore.

Girl with the Tom “Expletive” Petty T-shirt
There’s always one or fifteen at every show.  I’m not sure if that’s his real middle name or not.  Maybe they know something I don’t.  

The TP Look-A-Likes
I don’t know what it is, but there are a lot of people that look like Tom Petty.  You’d think this is more of a KISS concert thing...well it is.  But believe me; you’ll see your fair share there.  Funny thing is Tom Petty isn’t the most attractive dude in the world.  O’well.

The Stander
OK, let me explain.  Most concerts are one's where you would stand the whole show shaking your fists at and so fourth.  But with it being at Bridgestone, and the fact the lead in show is Crosby, Stills & Nash this is definitely going to be a “sit down, till the encore” show. And there’s always the dude, the dude that will be standing, blocking your view, for nearly the whole show.  For your sake, hopefully it's only during Into the Great Wide Open.

The Guy with the Vuvuzela
This isn't really a Tom Petty thing yet, but you know someone is going to bring one.  Heck, I might have if I got tickets to the show.  Still, the funnier part might be the moment when the noisy horn gets shoved down his throat. 

The Leather & Lace Cougar
Oh, yeah!  This isn’t just for Poison concerts anymore.  Watch out of the Cougars sporting the fishnet stockings & showing off the leathery cleavage.  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

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Don't be jealous of my shirt Moose! You just wish you were as cool as me!  :) Love ya!


Totally jealous of your sweet TFP T's. :P