Top 13 Back 2 SKool Songs

Oh yes it does!

If Schoolhouse Rock taught us anything (besides Conjuntion Junction, Interjections & Unpacking our Adjectives)  It’s all about the 3 R’s…Reading, Righting, and Rithmatic.  Yep, school is back in session. To get you in the mood for teachers, homework, “studying”, pep rallies, & detention.  I thought I’d list a bunch of skool songs for all the sportos, motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids & dweebies….to adore.  If I missed any, post'em up in the comment section below. 

Teacher Teacher   .38 Special
Hot for Teacher   Van Halen
Popular   Nada Surf
Saved by the Bell   Michael Damion
Teacher's Pet   Extreme
Abc   Jackson 5
Youth of the Nation P.O.D.
Be Chrool to Your Scuel   Twisted Sister/Alice Cooper
Centerfold   J. Geils Band
Another Brick in the Wall   Pink Floyd
Zach's Song   School of Rock
Glory Days   Bruce Springsteen
Harper Valley PTA   Jeannie C. Riley
Jeremy   Pearl Jam
Johnny B Goode  Judas Priest
Rock n Roll High School   Ramones
Schools Out   Alice Cooper

Still, not getting asked out to the Sadie Hawkins dance did kinda stink, but not as much as the toilets around here.  Better get to cleaning. 


Here's a late edition from Billy Madison

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