Top 7 Clowns That Don't Suck

Top 7 Clowns That Don't Suck

Hey Hey, it’s Clown Week! Don’t get all excited huh?  Yep, for some reason, they have officially named August 1-7 International Clown Week.  Even though I was a clown for about two seconds in my church youth group, I still think clowns are pretty dang creepy.  But since it’s clown week, let’s check out the Top 7 Clowns That Don’t Suck

#7  Pooter the Clown.  This drunk clown from Uncle Buck is a self proclaimed “God” in the field of local live entertainment.  “Get in your mouse and go home” Pooter.

#6 Pennywise/Captain Spaulding - Tie

These two clowns are the embodiment of scary clowns!  Pennywise terrorized me for weeks after watching Steven King’s IT.  That voice and laugh is god awful.  Captain Spaulding is the genius work of Rob Zombie.  This guy completely will haunt your fears if you are scared of creepy, old, perverted dudes.  One thing these two share is that charming smile. :)

#4 Doink the Clown

OMG, this clown is hilariously odd.  Watching videos of this pro-wrestler mess with the meatheads of the old WWF are awesome.  If I had a top 5 of my favorite wrestler, he’s almost be in it.  Don’t forget, he had the original Mini-MeDink!  Genius.

#3 Homey the Clown

I don’t think so” & “Homey don’t play that,” were just some of the one liners from Homey on In Living Color.  I’m Still wondering what was in the sock?   

Will any of your favorite clowns make the list?  Here's a hint, check back Monday or Tuesday for the Top 2..