We did some Noshin

Catherine, Denise, Jonna & Stephanie

As in Noshville Deli. Today I got to buy a few JACK-fm listeners lunch at Noshville Deli. They were some hard working ladies at the HCA, Jonna, our winner and her friends Stephanie, Catherine, and Denise. Yep, I totally looked like the ladies man with them flanking me in the first booth at Noshville. Thanks again ladies for a fun lunch!

Another cool thing was our ride….a huge F.A.D.D.S. party bus! It was their “Cool” bus, something Mr. Freeze from Batman 4 would be proud of.

Well, if you’re down with have my buy you lunch, you can sign up in the Club JACK section of our website.

OK, back to work.

Oh, and don’t forget…we lose an hour this Sunday!