What I did on my vacation

So, how in the world would a classy guy like me spend his first vacation since becoming JACK-fm's Assistant Manager? Go-Carting? Fishing? Stomping Grapes? A trip to Maui? A Nashville Sounds Game? Nope, even better. I spent a lot of my holiday goofing off on the internet, of course.

While I was searching for things to mess around on when I got back to work I came across this funny website called www.yearbookyourself.com. On this website you can put your own snapshot inside some faceless classic yearbook photos. I did a few of myself. Check'm out in my photos in the photo gallery. Oh, and thanks to Marty for holding down JACKtivities on the air while I was gone!and I won't tell anyone about him drinking in the studio either.

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Drinking in the studio

Thanks for not telling anybody that I was drinking in the studio.