What should I wear?


So, how cool is Halloween? OK, I am a fan of this time of the year for sure, but really think about it!.what other holiday can you can dress up as a Wicked Witch, or a Dastardly Devil at work? (Unless you work at Thomas Nelson or Lifeway!that might be awkward.) Well, this Friday and Saturday we have a couple events coming up where I get to dress up at work.

First up Bloodstock '09 at Opry Mills all day Friday. We'll be taking your blood donations for the American Red Cross. Then Saturday night our Halloween Bash @ the Wildhorse. So, I was wondering what to goes as. Since, taking this position as Assistant Manager you'd think I'd be rolling in it with that fancy title. Well, let's just say we'll keep a "reasonable budget" for this year's costume.

Ok, so here's what I was thinking so far!. 1. A Pimp. (Yes, I already have the clothes, why do you ask?) 2. A Doctor. This would be fun, think of all the names I could use. Dr. Love, Dr. Feelgood!!and that's about it. 3. Frankenstein. I am tall & flat-headed so this might work. Or 4. Dracula. HA! With the blood drive I could make references all day about it sucking!get it? Ok, maybe not.

Who knows what I'll dress up as!if you have any suggestions let me know. Otherwise I hope to see you at one if not both of these events.


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