What Song Was That?

Inside Out by Eve 6

Everyday JACK-fm gets a call or three asking “What Song Was That?”  So, to help you get acquainted (wow, that was a big word for me) with the songs, I thought I’d throw down some info for ya.  Today just before 1pm we played this song….

Inside Out by Eve 6

This American band hails from La Crescenta-Montrose, California.  Rumor is they came up with their name from watching The X-Files.  The song “Inside Out” is from their self-titled 1998 album.  If you know a diehard fan of Eve 6, they will swear they are not a one-hit wonder band.  They’ll preach of songs like Leach, Think Twice, Open Road Song & Tongue Tied.  But, yes “Inside Out”, for the most part, was it for the band.  They broke up in 2004, but I’ve heard most of the band members have since reformed Eve 6

Inside Out Lyrics from eLyrics
I would swallow my pride,
I would choke on the rhines,
But the lack thereof
Would leave me empty inside.
I would swallow my doubt,
Turn it inside out,
Find nothing but faith
In nothing.
I want to put my tender
Heart in a blender,
Watch it spin around
To a beautiful oblivion.
Then I'm through with you.
I burn burn
Like a wicker cabinet,
Chalk white
And oh so frail.
I see our time
Has gotten stale.
The tick tock
Of the clock is painful,
So sane and logical.
I want to tear it
Off the wall.
I hear words
And clips and phrases.
I think sick
Like ginger ale.
My stomach turns
And I exhale.
So Cal is where
My mind states,
But it's not my
State of mind.
I'm not as
Ugly sad as you.
Or am I origami?
Folded up and
Just pretend.
Demented as
The motives in your head.
I alone
Am the one you don't
Know you need.
Take heed.
Feed your ego.
Make me blind
When your eyes close sink.
When you get close,
Tie me to the bedpost.
I alone
Am the one you don't
Know you need.
You don't know
You need me.
Make me blind
When your eyes close.
Tie me to the bedpost!
Now I'm through,
With you.
Through with you!
Then I'm through with you.

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